Climate reports for 2017

Now 2017 has finished we publish all climate data reports for that year as soon as the data comes in. 2016 was a record in all series, 2017 probably will be in the top 3 in all.

zondag 7 januari 2018 | Climate

First one at the top is the ERA Interim from the European Copernicus project. In this dataset 2017 takes a second place.

Next one is the satellite data from REMSS. Also a second place for 2017 in this dataset.

Third one is the, still controversial, satellite data set from UAH. Here 2017 takes up a third place.
First data serie with a longer time frame is the one from JMA (Japan). Here 2017 is the third hottest year.
NOAA/NCDC update their series. With the 2017 data complete, it came at a third place.
NASA/GISS completed their data series and here 2017 is the second hottest year since 1880.

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Climate reports for 2016

In most climate data sets 2015 was the hottest year on record. 2016 already showed a lot of record breaking months. So will 2016 also break the record again? We publish the data as soon as the sets are released.

zondag 7 januari 2018 | Climate

Climate change made tangible

FUN - In a conversation with our daughter the question rose if you could feel the climate change. We explained the changes are very slow and you need a lot of data to actually measure it.
Well... can't you feel the data somehow?

zondag 7 januari 2018 | Climate