2015 the hottest year on record worldwide

DATA VAN DE DAG - The world has been warming for some time now. But due to a strong El Nino the warming in 2015 and 2016 will be even higher. How much higher? We show the graphs from the five major surface based measurements sets.

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First of the sets to be published was the one from Berkeley University. The reference period is 1951-1980. We use the serie where the sea ice temperature is inferred from the air temperature. The previous record was from 2014 with 0.66℃ above average. The new record set by 2015 is now 0.79℃. The graph is shown above.

The second set is from NOAA/NCDC. The previous record was 0.74℃ in 2014. 2015 set a new record with 0.89℃.

The third set is the one from GISS (NASA). Previous record was 0.74℃. The new record is 0.87℃.

The fourth set is from the MetOffice (HADCRUT4). The previous record was 0.57℃ in 2014. Now it's 0.75℃.

The last set is the one from the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). With them the previous record was from 2014 as well. That was 0.27℃. The new record, based on the preliminary data for December 2015, will be 0.42℃.
Their reference periode is 1981-2010. The graph at the bottom below shows the yearly values since 1979.

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Climate reports for 2016

In most climate data sets 2015 was the hottest year on record. 2016 already showed a lot of record breaking months. So will 2016 also break the record again? We publish the data as soon as the sets are released.

donderdag 14 januari 2016 | DVDD, english, Klimaat, Climate