Climate change made tangible

FUN - In a conversation with our daughter the question rose if you could feel the climate change. We explained the changes are very slow and you need a lot of data to actually measure it.
Well... can't you feel the data somehow?

dinsdag 15 maart 2016 | english, Klimaat, Climate

Can you feel climate change?

Since some square meters floor of our living room were filled with Lego at that time the answer forced itself upon us.

So we created this small chart on the warming of the globe with the available Lego bricks. Now you can touch it.

We used the data from NASA-GISS and took the average of all monthly anomalies for each decade. So at the left the "8" stands for "1880-1889" and the 9 for "1890-1899" and so on.

For the last bar the period 2010 till February 2016 was used.

The hight of one full brick is equivalent of a 0,1℃ anomaly. And the smaller bricks are roughly 0,03℃.
Here's the data:

Decade Average
1880-1889 -0,21
1890-1899 -0,23
1900-1909 -0,30
1910-1919 -0,30
1920-1929 -0,22
1930-1939 -0,12
1940-1949 0,06
1950-1959 -0,05
1960-1969 -0,03
1970-1979 0,03
1980-1989 0,25
1990-1999 0,40
2000-2009 0,59
2010-2016 0,72

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November 2015 Climate Marches mapped

DATA VAN DE DAG - In the weekend of the 28th and 29th of November 2015 in more than 2000 cities worldwide people marched to ask for more action to prevent climate change, just before the Climate Change conference in Paris, COP21, started.

dinsdag 15 maart 2016 | english, Klimaat, Climate