Europol reports: Terrorism in the EU 2006-2015

DATA VAN DE DAG - Europol reported on all the terrorism attacks in 2015 today. We've combined their data for the last 5 years. It paints a bleak picture.

woensdag 20 juli 2016 | DVDD, Terrorisme, english, Europa

Last year over 150 people died because of terrorism in the EU

Last year over 150 people died because of terrorism attacks in the European Union. In the 10 years the Europol now reports this is by far the highest figure. The two attacks in Paris and the attack in Brussel/Zaventem are to blame. Not since London (2005) and Madrid (2004) have we seen this many deaths in the EU because of terrorism.

Significant change over the last couple of years is the impact of jihadist terrorism. Only 17 of the 211 attacks in 2015 were jihadist, but it resulted in 150 of the 151 deaths.

We broke down the attacks to their causes.

The number of terrorism related arrests grew stronger than the number of attacks.

Not only did the number of arrest rose quickly, also the number of convictions rose.

Large part of this rise of arrests can be attributed to arrests of jihadists. See graph below.

Norway is not part of the EU, so the Breivik attack in Oslo is not included. UK doesn't report the attacks per category. They are all under "other".

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