Google data on URLs removed for EU "Right to be forgetten"

DATA VAN DE DAG - In 2014 the EU court of justice ruled that search engines have to remove URLs from their results is individuals ask them to and if there's no public interest to keep the URLs.

Google reports on the number of requests and number of URLs removed. Total requests (URLs) till November 26th 2015: 1.235.473.

vrijdag 27 november 2015 | DVDD, english, Internet

Based on the data from Google we created to alternate views. The one above is with the 10 countries with most URLs removed.

The view below is the map of Europe with the data for all the individual countries. One tab for the absolute numbers, one tab for number of removed URLs per capita.

More information on The Right to be Forgotten.

Update: André de Vries created a bar chart version with all countries in Tableau.

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