Kyoto Cherry Blossom Full Flower dates

Since the year 812 people in Japan have recorded the first day in the year the Cherry Blossom was in full bloom in Kyoto. Based on this record you can see some of the local climate effects.

vrijdag 26 maart 2021 | english, Climate, History

The dates are a local proxy on the impact of climate change

Using these sources on historical data and the yearly notifications, we've put all dates in one chart.

We've marked the earliest and latest days in the graph.
The graph also has a running 25 year average to see long term trends. Using the dates we calculated the number of days in a year till the event (starting January 1st).

We will update this chart each year. Most recent data based on observations and media reports. These sometimes are corrected later on.

The CSV with all the available dates.

Sources: NOAA paleo phenology data and "Historical Series of Phenological data for Cherry Tree Flowering at Kyoto City" by Aono and Kazui, 2008; Aono and Saito, 2010.