Mass shootings in the USA 2013-2015

DATA VAN DE DAG - After another mass shooting in Oregon, USA, this week we've used the data from a mass shooting tracker site to give some perspective on the recent history of these shootings.

zaterdag 3 oktober 2015 | dvdd, wapens, USA, english

The definition of mass shootings used is that it is an incident were firearms are used and at least 4 people were shot at. They don't have to be killed.

The first chart we made was on the frequency of the magnitude of the mass shootings. So we summed the number of incidents per year according to the number of deaths.

There doesn't seem to be a trend in there.

Next, we counted the number of incidents according to the day of the week they happened. This shows clearly that shootings are more common in the weekend. And particulary the Sunday is popular.

Mass shootings USA per day of the week 2013-2015

Total number of shootings1091001019195205293

Data used from January 1st 2013 till October 2nd 2015. All credits to Mass Shooting Tracker at who publishes the data under a Creative Commons license.

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