Network analysis Eurovision Song Contest 1975-2015

DATA VAN DE DAG - Yesterday the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest started. We took a fresh look at the data from 1975 till last year using network analysis.

woensdag 11 mei 2016 | DVDD, music, Europa, english

We took all the scores from the finales. We averaged the points each country gave to another country. Then we filtered out the connections with only a single vote. And we fed the data into Gephi.

Using the "forced atlas" algorithm already a certain distribution became clear. And finally we ran the build in modularity algorithm which colored the clusters.
It only adds to the many discussions about voting patterns going on this week.

We've put a interactive version online using the GEXF-viewer. The modularity coloring is not supported there.
Using the interactive version you can check the average scoring from one country to and from another. Just click on a country node.

Some interesting statistics

Three combinations averaged 12 points over several years:

Azerbaijan Turkey 4 years
Montenegro Serbia 3 years
Turkey Azerbaijan 5 years

Cyprus gave Greece an average 11.2 points over 26 years of voting. And vice versa 10.2 points average over 20 years.

Turkey gave Cyprus an averag of just 0.04 points over 24 years of voting.

Moldova gave 11.3 points averaged over 10 years to Romania and vice versa it received 11.7 from Romania over 8 years.

Other analysis on same subject from last year.

Update 12-05-2016: we've created a matrix for easy lookup on the figures.

Yugoslavia and Serbia-Montenegro were left out of the list.

Ook interessant om te lezen

Netwerkvisualisatie Sociaal Domein

De gemeente Krimpenerwaard wilde als fusiegemeente een netwerkvisualisatie van bestaande samenwerkingen tussen organisaties in het sociaal domein. De visualisatie moest een basis bieden voor een beleidsmatige discussie met de sector over versterking van het samenwerkingsnetwerk. Dit lukte meer dan verwacht.

woensdag 11 mei 2016 | DVDD, music, Europa, english