Terrorism 1970-2018 in the world and western Europe

With some delay Start published the update on their datacollection on terrorism for 2018. We've updated our charts.

dinsdag 8 oktober 2019 | Terrorisme, english

For the fourth year in a row terrorism has declined worldwide.

For the fourth year in a row terrorism has declined worldwide. In 2018 there were less than 10.000 attacks, lowest number since 2012.

In the graph at the top of this case you can see the regional breakdown of the number of attacks. The Middle East is surpassed by South Asia as biggest "contributor" to terrorism.
At the graph at the bottom you can see a breakdown of worldwide terrorims in number of attacks, number of people killed and number of people wounded during the attacks. This excludes the terrorists themselves.

Here's a more detailed overview on the number of terrorist attacks worldwide each year.


The number of people killed (excluding the terrorists themselves) dropped in 2018, to go up again in 2019.

The average "impact" of an attack (total number of wounded and killed divided by the number of attacks) also declined slightly.

And in western Europe the wave of high impact attacks has subsided.


All data is from the START GTD. It can be downloaded for research.

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