Terrorism worldwide since 1970

Today is International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. For this we've updated some of the most relevant charts we have produced over the last years.

dinsdag 21 augustus 2018 | Terrorisme, english

After a peak in 2014, terrorism is declining, but still above pre 2014 level

The worst year so far was 2014. Since then terrorism is in decline. But in 2017 it was still higher than all pre 2014 years.

Over the years the regions with active terrorism have shifted. Last couple of years is mainly Middle East and Afghanistan (South Asia). But Somalia and Niger are also hotspots these days.


Significant is also the recent rise in terrorism attacks and victims in the United States. Where elsewhere the Islamic groups are mainly the perpetrators, in the USA it is right wing extremists.

In Western Europe terrorism had a peak in 2016. The trend didn't continue and 2018 so far is a relative quiet year.

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Terrorism attacks in Turkey 1970-2016

DATA VAN DE DAG - Yesterday in a terrorism attack on the Ataturk Airport in Turkey at least 44 were killed. Terrorism seems to be on the rise there. We gathered the data to give the long term perspective.

dinsdag 21 augustus 2018 | Terrorisme, english

Islamic terrorism in Western Europe

AANVRAAG DATA - For facilitating discussion per request the terrorist attacks in Western Europe between 1970 and 2014 were split between Islamic and other groups. The number of Islamic terrorist attacks is low, the number of people killed by it are high the last 10 years.

dinsdag 21 augustus 2018 | Terrorisme, english